Presenting the Harvard Kennedy School LGBTQ Policy Journal Vol. 11

We are excited to present the Harvard Kennedy School LGBTQ Policy Journal Vol. 11! You can order a print copy here. As a reminder to our authors, you will be receiving one (1) complimentary copy. Some of you may have received it by now. For others, it’s on the way!

Please note that this is our Volume 11 Journal. We will be publishing our Volume 11 Extended Journal, which will feature even more pieces, within the next month.


In the Vol. 11 Journal, we have published 20 authors, 18 of whom shared their identities with us, as well as 1 organization. The following statistics are for our individual authors; the organization is comprised of transgender and non-binary Asians and Pacific Islanders, many of whom are youth. Our individual authors:

• have a variety of gender identities (nonbinary, transmasc, genderqueer, 2S, man, woman, transgender man, etc.). About a third of our authors have a gender different from their sex assigned at birth, a third are cis women, and a third are cis men.
• have a variety of racial identities, but many—around half—are white. A fifth are Hispanic or Latino, a fifth are Black, a sixth are Native American or American Indian, and others are Asian/ Asian American or Pacific Islander, Arab, and/or biracial.
• are predominantly LGBTQ with almost half of our authors identifying with the word queer. Other sexualities included gay, lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual, homosexual, and pansexual.
• tend to be American, with about two-thirds identifying as such. Nine other nationalities were represented, including Indonesian, Nigerian, Kazakh, Chilean, Ugandan, Mexican, Swedish, South African, and British.
• are almost all formally educated, with the vast majority having a bachelor’s degree and about half having another professional degree.

Thank you all for your support! We are proud of the Journal that we’ve created and we thank all of our authors and editors for their excellent work.

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